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WHERE: TRI-CITY Raceway Park








Eric Rudolph picks up the win and captures the 2023 BRP Modified Tour Championship at Tri City Raceway Park on Saturday, September 2, 2023

By: Pam Baker


Marble, PA……September 2, 2023…..Blue skies and warm temperatures set the scene for the final BRP Modified Tour race of the 2023 season. There were 22 cars on hand for the final event and the point championship was on the line between Erick Rudolph and Garrett Krummert. Going into the last race the two were only separated by 25 points, so it was anybody’s game.

After the heat races, which both drivers won their respective race, they were still separated by 25 points going into the start of the feature. The other heat race was won by Rex King, Jr.

Dave Murdick and Kyle Fink brought the field to the drop of Larry Riffe’s green flag with Rex King, Jr. and Chas Wolbert in the row behind. Murdick jumped into the lead at the drop of the green with Rex King, Jr. and Chas Wolbert close behind. Wolbert got high in turn four on lap three and the right rear tire went flat bringing out the caution. On the restart, Rex King, Jr. was able to get the lead over Murdick with sixth place starter Garrett Krummert working his way into third. On lap five, ninth place starter Eric Rudolph worked his way into second passing Murdick and Krummert.

Rex King, Jr. and Rudolph then battled for the top position through lap fifteen when the caution waved for Macey Adamik. On the restart, Rudolph was able to make the pass coming off turn two and drove away from the rest of the field. The caution waved on lap eighteen as Colton Walter and Rodney Beltz came together in turns one and two. Rudolph once again took the lead on the restart, but the caution waved on lap thirty-one once again for Macey Adamik which led to a four-lap dash to the checkered.

Rudolph was unfazed and went the final four laps and finished at least five car lengths ahead of second place Rex King, Jr. With the win, Rudolph also captured the 2023 BRP Modified Tour Championship title for the second straight year. Eric Rudolph now has 4 BRP Modified Tour Championships to his credit winning in 2016, 2017, 2022 and 2023. This championship win now ties Eric Rudolph with Rex King, Jr. with 4 titles. Rex King, Sr. tops the books with six championships. Jeremiah Shingledecker who started seventh finished third with Garrett Krummert fourth and Brad Rapp who started twelfth finished fifth. Rounding out the top 10 was Dave Murdick, Chas Wolbert, Trevor Wright, Austin Eyler and Wally Wade.

The reverse draw for the 2024X Bicknell chassis was held in front of the fans in the stands and Steve Slater was the winner of the new chassis, supplied and sponsored by Bicknell Racing Products and owners Pete Bicknell, Randy Williamson and Bob Slack.

The draw for the Mad Skins Race Car Bodies components were won by JR McGinley – Front Nose; Rex King, Jr. – Bumper Kit; Colton Walters won the Outer Body Kit – Black and Shannon Whaley won the Outer Body Kit – White. These are sponsored by Mad Skin Race Car Bodies of New York owned by James Henry and Dave Conant.

The other special award that was given out at the track in front of the fans was the 2023 Rookie of the Year sponsored by Russ King Racing and the winner of the $1,000 award was Trevor Wright whose family made the tow all season from Canada to compete with the BRP Modified Tour.

The BRP Modified Tour would like to thank all of our drivers, car owners, sponsors, fans and racetracks for helping us make the 2023 racing season a big success. Please check us out on Facebook, Twitter and our website, for updates and information for the 2024 racing season and schedule.


Feature Finish: Erick Rudolph, Rex King, Jr., Jeremiah Shingledecker, Garrett Krummert, Brad Rapp, Dave Murdick, Chas Wolbert, Trevor Wright, Austin Eyler, Wally Wade, Chad Reitz, Mark Frankhouser, Shawn Kozar, Kevin Green, Macey Adamik, Rodney Beltz, Kyle Fink, Lenny Leibold, III, Colton Walters, Jeff Walters, JR McGinley, Steve Slater


(TOP 20)



Full points can be viewed on our "Points" Page             *indicates Perfect Attendance




WHAT: The LOU BLANEY Memorial 


1st: MAT WILLIAMSON (center)

2nd: Erick Rudolph (left)

3rd: Max McLaughlin (right)

(35 laps, $2,500 to-win): 1. 6-MAT WILLIAMSON[2]; 2. 25R-Erick Rudolph[6]; 3. 8H-Max McLaughlin[8]; 4. 98H-Jimmy Phelps[3]; 5. 165-Rex King Jr[5]; 6. 29-Garrett Krummert[1]; 7. 3-Chad Brachmann[17]; 8. 37MD-Jeremiah Shingledecker[14]; 9. 37S-Gary Lindberg[12]; 10. 45-Steve Feder[15]; 11. 9-Will Thomas[19]; 12. 09-Trevor Wright[23]; 13. 13JR-JR McGinley[25]; 14. 32-Jim Rasey[24]; 15. 18JR-Mike Dougherty Jr[9]; 16. 29*-Eric Beggs[4]; 17. 61-Dave Murdick[22]; 18. 20P-Mike Kinney[13]; 19. 9R-Chad Reitz[7]; 20. 18R-Brad Rouse[20]; 21. 13-Rick Regalski Jr[11]; 22. 14S-Justin Shea[18]; 23. 18-Colton Walters[10]; 24. 22-Noah Walker[21]; 25. 5C-Ayden Cipriano[16].

DNQ for the feature: Eric Gabany (318), Chas Wolbert (c3), Brad Rapp (11R), Kyle Fink (66F), Rodney Beltz (64), Steve Slater (35), Austin Eyler (5A), Rob Kristyak (00), Tom Glenn (83T), Wally Wade (82), Shawn Kozar (3K), Brandon Michaud (132), Shannon Whaley (44), JC Boyer (12), Jeff Miller (75).

(Results reprinted courtesy of Sharon Speedway PR Dept.)



          *     2023 SCHEDULE POSTED BELOW

        *     2023 Rules are posted on our rules page

Erick Rudolph Picks Up First BRP Modified Tour Win of  2023  at Bedford Speedway

By: Pam Baker

Marble, PA…..6/4/23,,,,… The BRP Modified Tour made the trip to Bedford Speedway on Sunday, June 4th and 21 cars made the tow to compete in the third race of the series. The weather was beautiful, and the track was in great condition for the start of the 35-lap feature event.

Jimmy Holden coming off two feature wins on Saturday night in the Mike Stine owned machine started on the pole and Trevor Wright was on his outside. Starting right behind this duo was New Jersey invader Billy Pauch, Jr. for his first ever appearance with the BRP Modified Tour and points leader Eric Rudolph. Row three found Chas Wolbert and Rex King, Jr.

At the drop of the green flag Billy Pauch, Jr. got a great start and got by Holden and Wright to lead the first lap. Holden muscled his way around Pauch, Jr. coming off the fourth turn and was able to lead the next two laps before Pauch, Jr. took the lead away from Holden on lap four.

Billy Pauch, Jr. led the next lap, but Erick Rudolph was able to get past Holden for second and then went to work on Pauch, Jr. Lap six found Rudolph making the pass for the lead but Pauch, Jr. took it back the next lap. When lap eight came around it was Rudolph in the lead ahead of Pauch, Jr. and Rex King, Jr who had started in the sixth position.

The first of two cautions took place on lap twelve for JR McGinley who was piloting the Rick Regalski owned Bicknell with rear suspension problems. The second caution flew seven laps later for Mark Frankhouser who was making his first appearance of the 2023 season after slowing down the backstretch. On the restart, Garrett Krummert who was slowly making his way forward from the ninth starting position had made his way into second looked to give Rudolph a strong challenge for the lead. However, Rudolph was ready and up on the wheel and jumped out into the lead and never looked back to pick up his first BRP Modified Tour win of the 2023 season by 2.643 seconds over Krummert. Finishing third was Billy Pauch, Jr. over Rex King, Jr. and Brad Rapp.

Finishing sixth was Trevor Wright who traveled six hours from Canada in his first year in the Big Block Modified division. Seventh went to Colton Walters who started seventh and passed the most cars in the feature. Eighth place went to Chas Wolbert with Kyle Fink and Steve Slater rounding out the top ten.

The BRP Modified Tour has a month off until their next scheduled event which will be the Lou Blaney Memorial event at Sharon Speedway on July 8th. July will be a busy month for the BRP Modified Tour drivers as we will also be racing on Thursday, July 13th at Expo Speedway in Cortland, OH and we will make our first ever appearance at Marion Center Speedway in Marion Center, PA on Saturday, July 22nd.

Feature Finish: Erick Rudolph, Garrett Krummert, Billy Pauch, Jr., Rex King, Jr., Brad Rapp, Trevor Wright, Colton Walters, Chas Wolbert, Kyle Fink, Steve Slater, Jimmy Holden, Ray Bliss, Shannon Whaley, Wally Wade, Shawn Kozar, Mark Frankhouser, JR McGinley, Robert Garvey, Mike Kinney, Rodney Beltz, DNS: Dave Murdick

Rex King, Jr. Captures BRP Modified Tour win at Tri City Raceway Park


By: Pam Baker

Marble, PA……5/28/2023….. Rex King, Jr led the 35-lap BRP Modified Tour from green to checkered to capture the win on Sunday night in a caution filled race. It wasn’t an easy win for King, Jr. as he battled with both Erick Rudolph and Jeremiah Shingledecker, but in the end, patience paid off for King, Jr. and he picked up the win. Thirty cars registered in the pit area but unfortunately three drivers had problems during the heat races and were unable to start the feature. Having mechanical issues were Ray Bliss, Brandon Michaud and Rick Regalski.

Rex King, Jr. and Jeremiah Shingledecker brought the 26-car field to the drop of the green flag with Trevor Wright and Eric Rudolph hot on their back bumpers. King, Jr. got to the first turn before Shingledecker and Rudolph and took the early lead. The real race was for second as Shingledecker and Rudolph battled and even had sparks flying as the two drivers wanted that second spot. Cautions slowed the event and definitely tested the patience of the drivers from lap nine through thirteen. Rudolph was able to use the restarts to get into second place putting Shingledecker into third place.

King, Jr. was able to control the restarts and led every lap of the event. Shingledecker suffered a flat tire while running third and on the same lap, lap thirty , Chad Brachmann suffered problems in the rear of the car while running fourth ending his night. Dave Murdick who started eighteenth would now restart in third.

At the finish it was all Rex King, Jr. who ended the race with a bald right rear tire. He stated in victory lane, “Any time we are on the front row, we’ll take it. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the win.” This race took a lot of patience and a soft touch on the gas to get to the end without blowing that tire.

Erick Rudolph closed in on King, Jr. the final five laps but came up short to finish but was able to pick up where he left off last season as the 2023 point leader at this time. Dave Murdick finished third with Chas Wolbert who started seventh survived to finish fourth. Garrett Krummert, winner of the first race of the series at Michaels Mercer Raceway started eleventh and finish fifth.

Rounding out the top ten was Kyle Fink who had to pit early in the race for a flat tire but was able to come back and finish sixth. Seventh through tenth was Shannon Whaley, Mike Kinney, Trevor Wright and Rodney Beltz.

The next series race for the BRP Modified Tour will be coming up on Sunday, June 4th at the Bedford Speedway in Bedford, PA.

Feature Finish: Rex King, Jr., Erick Rudolph, Dave Murdick, Chas Wolbert, Garrett Krummert, Kyle Fink, Shannon Whaley, Mike Kinney, Trevor Wright, Rodney Beltz, WallyColton Wally Wade, Shawn Kozar, Chad Reitz, Chad Brachmann, Jeremiah Shingledecker, JR McGinley, Colton Walters, Brad Rapp, Steve Slater, Nick Joy, Ayden Cipriano, Rick Regalski, Mike Dougherty, Jr., Kevin Green, Lenny Leibold, Austin Eyler. DNS: Andrew Smith, Jeff Miller, Ray Bliss and Brandon Michaud.






2nd: J.R. McGinley

3rd: Chad Brachmann

      Garrett Krummert comes from 14th to capture          the first BRP Modified Tour race of the Season

Marble, PA…..4/15/23…The first race of the BRP Modified Tour Racing Series for 2023 was held on a beautiful 80 degree day at Michaels Mercer Raceway, Mercer, PA. Picking up the first win of the season was Garrett Krummert who picked up where he left off in 2022 during regular competition as Krummert won the final points race of 2022.

          Twenty-five cars were in the pit area for the first race of the BRP Modified Tour season at Michaels Mercer Raceway and the new lighting and new red clay provided for excellent racing at the speedway.

           Colton Walters and Chas Wolbert brought the 25-car field to the drop of the green, but before a lap could be completed the caution flag waved for Tom Glenn and Mike Kinney who came together in the third turn. It took a few restarts to get the first lap completed as drivers were trying to shake the rust off from winter. Once able to get the first lap in the book with Chas Wolbert the leader on lap one, a caution flew on lap two after JR McGinley took over the lead in the Rick Regalski mount as Tom Glenn and Brandon Michaud got together. Glenn headed to the pit area and Michaud continued. Back under green the drivers settled down and McGinley led the field with Rex King, Jr. and Erick Rudolph in tow. On lap nine King, Jr. took the lead away from McGinley with fourteenth place starter, Garrett Krummert in third. On lap ten Krummert moved into second place with Rudolph third. As the cars were entering turn one, the car of Rex King, Jr. came to a sudden halt bringing out the caution, which handed the lead over to Krummert. On the restart, McGinley was able to wrestle the lead away for four laps before Krummert once again made the pass for the lead.

Once Krummert was able to get out front he charged ahead of the field and started lapping cars. Erick Rudolph brought out caution in turn two as he was battling for second, sending him to the rear of the field. McGinley stayed in second with Chad Brachmann who started fifth made his way into third. At the checkers it was Krummert who crossed first by a distance of 2.952 seconds ahead of McGinley. Brachmann finished third with Chas Wolbert fourth and Erick Rudolph made his way from the back of the field to finish fifth. Rounding out the top ten was Dave Murdick, Ayden Cipriano, Andrew Smith, Mike Kinney and Will Thomas, III. Heat races were won by Brad Rapp,             Erick Rudolph and Chad Brachmann.

             The next event for the BRP Modified Tour will be at         Lernerville Speedway on Friday, May 19th.

Finish: Garrett Krummert, JR McGinley, Chad Brachmann, Chas Wolbert, Erick Rudolph, Dave Murdick, Ayden Cipriano, Mike Kinney, Will Thomas, Kyle Fink, Trevor Wright, Brad Rapp, Brandon Michaud, Wally Wader, Chad Reitz, Ray Bliss, Colton Walters, Rex King, Jr., Tyler Willard, Shannon Whaley, Steve Slater, Rodney Beltz, Shawn Kozar, Tom Glenn.

The BRP Modified Tour racing series is a non-profit organization established to give Big Block Modifieds in the Western Pennsylvania/ Eastern Ohio area a chance to compete with one another for a higher purse structure and for a point fund for the scheduled events, started in 1998 by Tim Engles, Lon and Pam Baker and Randy Myers. The BRP Modified Tour has had great success at bringing regional cars together at various speedways in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West Virginia, and Canada.

We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of our organization. Bicknell Racing Products, Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Sunoco Race Fuels/ Bazell Oil, King Brothers, McCool’s Signs and Graphics/Slippery Rock Sportswear, Mad Skins Race Car Bodies/Sunflowers of Sanborn, Big Daddy’s Speed Center, Flynn’s Tire & Auto Centers, Frankland Racing Supply, Hall’s Safety Equipment, McCandless Ford, Moore’s Auto Body, MRO – Motor Racing Outreach/Team Green, Rockhouse Bar and Grill, Russ King Racing, Steve’s Auto Body, Thermo Supply, Competition Carburetion, Eperthener Auto Wrecking, GME Mfg., and Wrisco Aluminum.


The BRP Modified Tour would like to send our condolences out to the Larry McCool family on his passing . Larry was a former board member and his son Kris McCool is a sponsor of the BRP Modified Tour through Slippery Rock Sporstwear/McCool’s Signs and Graphics. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers at this difficult time.

In Memorium

It is with heavy hearts that we had to say goodbye to Bob Ryder. He was a dirt car racing crew chief, friend and dedicated to the BRP Modified Tour for many years who has passed away too early in his life. Bob was the son of Rick Ryder who we lost in May 2022. We want to send our love, thoughts and prayers to his fiancée Amber, her son and the rest of the Ryder family. Rest in Peace Bob.



                                                                                               The BRP Modified Tour

                                                                                    2023 Schedule




                                                                         MERCER, PA.

 The Annual Racing Kick-Off​ Event------THE CHILLER THRILLER !                                                            

MAY 19




FAB 4 Racing at It's Best !

MAY 28










                                                                     HARTFORD, OH.




                                                                    EXPO SPEEDWAY




                                                                     Marion Center, PA



                                                                          MERCER, PA.




                                                                  REYNOLDSVILLE, PA.



                                                                        FRANKLIN, PA.


*Schedule is tentative and subject to change*

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