FRI. AUG 30, 2019

$2000 to win /35 lap

BRP Modified Tour Plus Late Models, Semi Lates and FWDs

Our last visit to Thunder Mountain was "sail panel night" in which the drivers were given a one race chance to run the body modifications. That event was won by Rex King Jr.

Pits Open @ 5 pm

Grandstands Open @ 5:30 pm

Racing @ 7:30 pm

                                                      AND JUST AROUND THE CORNER...………...

                                                 Saturday Sept 14, 2019

                                                    $3000 to win /35 Lap

                                             Our final stop of the 2019                                                          BRP Modified Tour will be                                                        our inaugural visit to historic                                                    Ransomville Speedway.

                                                                                                               The "Big R", as it is known to                                                                                                                      the locals, has been bringing                                                                                                                      fantastic racing to Southern                                                                                                                        Ontario and Western New York                                                                                                                  for 62 years.

Pits Open @ 5 pm

Grandstands Open @ 6 pm

Racing @ 7:15 pm

                                                          RECENT RESULTS

 July 27, 2019 
$3000 to win /35 Lap    


Winner- Rex King Sr  

2nd - Rex King Jr

3rd- Garrett Krummert  

King ,Sr wins back to back nights and                                                                                                      increases his overall BrpTour wins lead                                                                                                    to 25.

                                        Rex King dominates at Michaels Mercer Raceway


Mercer, PA  July 27, 2019–   The BRP Modified Tour headed to Michaels Mercer Raceway for the 1st Annual Michaels Memorial Race Sponsored by Erme's Inc. This race is in memory of Howard Michaels Sr and Harold Michaels.  As part of the special night, the drivers participated in the autograph session and did a four-wide salute, with small American flags proudly flying out the window of their racecars.  They were racing hard to be the first to see the checkered flag, and after 35-laps Rex King, Sr. grabbed his second BRP Modified Tour win of the weekend.

The field was set for Saturday night’s feature after four heat races and a B-Main. Dave Murdick and Garrett Krummert started off the front row of the 35-lap feature.  Krummert would jump out to the lead at the drop of the green flag.  Rex King Sr., who started 6th, was challenging Kevin Hoffman for third on lap 2.  Behind the leader, Brad Rapp would come to a rest just inside the track, bringing out the first caution on lap 2.  When the race went back to green, Murdick would put pressure on Krummert, battling for the lead.  Erick Rudolph, who finished second in his heat, was up challenging for a top five spot and would get up to the back of Murdick looking to take over third. Rex King Sr. had moved to second by lap 10.

Caution on lap 10, for Will Thomas stopping in turn three, would set up a great restart with a three-wide battle for the lead at the line between Krummert, Rex King Sr. and Rudolph, with Rex King Sr. taking the top spot.  The caution flew on the next lap with several cars tangling in turn four.  The top five was now Rex King Sr, Krummert, Rudolph, Murdick and Hoffman. Rudolph got a charge at the drop of the green flag and would battle side-by-side with Krummert for second.  Rudolph would grab the spot on lap 14.  Caution on a lap 14 would be the end of the night for several drivers due to another incident, but also for our second-place runner, Rudolph, who had a flat tire.  Now the top five was Rex King Sr, Krummert, Murdick, Lonny Riggs and Rex King Jr.

The race would go green until lap 23 when a car was stopped at the entrance to the pits.  The race would go green for several laps after the restart and Rex King Sr would end up a straightaway lead over second place which was taken over by Rex King Jr. on lap 25.  Two more cautions would fly before the end of the race, including lap 33 when Riggs slowed with mechanical issues.  He had just gotten passed by Kyle Fink, who really made a charge in the last 10 laps.  Rex King Sr would end the night with his second BRP Modified Tour race win of the weekend.  The remaining top five would be King Jr., Krummert, Fink and Murdick.

The next race for the BRP Modified Tour will be August 30th at Thunder Mountain Speedway.


Unofficial Results

Heat 1 results:  1. 29 Garrett Krummert 2. 66M JR McGinley 3. 00 Kevin Hoffman  4. 35H Chris Haines  5. 37MD Jeremiah Shingledecker   6. 96B Bob Warren 7. 93T Tom Glenn  8. 74 Kevin Green

Heat 2 results:   1. 165 Rex King Jr. 2. 32 Jim Rasey  3. 65 Rex King  4. 25 Chris Rudolph  5. 4 Greg Martin  6. 93X Max Smoker 7. 60 Tom Holden

Heat 3 results:  1. 66F Kyle Fink 2. 9 Will Thomas 3. 13 Rick Regalski  4. 25B Steve Barr  5. 19W Richard Whitney  6. 03 Mark Frankhouser  7. 17M Skip Moore (DNS)

Heat 4 results:  1. 61 Dave Murdick 2. 25X Erick Rudolph 3. 58 Lonny Riggs  4. 29E Eric Martin  5. 11R Brad Rapp  6. 11J Bob Sweeney  7. 15B Dillon Barr

B-Main Results:  1. Bob Warren 2. Tom Glenn 3. Skip Moore 4. Bob Sweeney 5. Tom Holden 6. Kevin Green 7. Mark Frankhouser 8. Max Smoker 9. Dillon Barr


Unofficial Feature Results:  1. Rex King 2. Rex King Jr. 3. Garrett Krummert 4. Kyle Fink 5. Dave Murdick 6. Greg Martin 7. Rick Regalski 8. Jim Rasey 9. Richard Whitney 10. Eric Martin 11. Tom Holden 12. Max Smoker 13. Chris Haines 14. Bob Sweeney 15. Lonny Riggs 16. Steve Barr 17.  Chris Rudolph 18. JR McGinley 19. Bob Warren 20. Stick Rudolph 21. Kevin Hoffman 22. Will Thomas 23. Jeremiah Shingledecker 24. Tom Glenn 25. Skip Moore 26.  Brad Rapp


     JULY 26,2019           $2000 to win /35 lap

       MODIFIED                   MADNESS !


Winner- Rex King Sr  

2nd - B. Swartzlander

3rd- John Mollick

                              BRP Modified Visits Lernerville Speedway during Modified Mania

By: Pam Baker

Marble, PA….July 26, 2019…… The BRP Modified Tour made their only visit of the year to Lernerville Speedway and there were 33 cars on hand for the event. By the luck of the redraw on the front straightaway and in front of the fans, Rex King, Sr. drew the pole position for the 35-lap event.

Bringing the field to the green flag was Rex King, Sr. and Phil Vigneri, III who made the long tow from Elba, NY to run with the BRP Modified racers. King, Sr. jumped out to the lead at the drop of the green flag with Vigneri, III and Dave Murdick close behind. The first caution of the event flew on lap thirteen for the car of Jeff Green who spun in turn four. Green would be assisted to the pit area and not return.

On the restart, King once again got the jump and led through lap nineteen when Garrett Krummert’s mount came to a rest in turn two bringing out the caution. At this time, Vigneri, III who was running second entered the pit area and was done for the night. This brought fifteenth place starter Brian Swartzlander, who had made his way into the third position, to the outside of King, Sr. on the restart.

The rest of the race went green and at the checkered flag, Rex King, Sr. picked up the feature win over Brian Swartzlander, John Mollick, Rex King, Jr. and Dave Murdick. Rounding out the top ten were Will Thomas, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Jim Rasey , Rick Regalski and Kyle Fink. Heat races were won by Garrett Krummert, Jim Rasey, John Mollick and Jeremiah Shingledecker. The B-Main was won by Steve Feder.

Tomorrow night the BRP Modified Tour will be at Michael’s Mercer Raceway for the $3,000 to win Michaels Memorial Race.

Feature: Rex King, Sr., Brian Swartzlander, John Mollick, Rex King, Jr., Dave Murdick, Will Thomas, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Jim Rasey, Rick Regalski, Kyle Fink, JR McGinley, Kevin Hoffman, Chris Rudolph, Brad Rapp, Skip Moore, Shawn Fleeger, Mark Frankhouser, Kevin Long, Rich Whitney, Steve Feder, Steve Barr, Phil Vigneri, III, Garrett Krummert, Bob Warren, Jeff Miller, Colton Walters. DNQ: Dave Reges, Dillon Barr, Bill Barr, Rocky Kugel, Jimmy Holden, Lonny Riggs and Max Smoker.

               Traveling veteran driver Rex king Sr. is flanked by Brian Swartzlander (L) and John Mollick (R)


                             EXpo ! 

        At  The Fair 

Winner: Erick Rudolph
2nd Place: Rex King Jr. 
3rd Place:  Rex King Sr. 


                             Rudolph wins Fifth year in a row at Expo Speedway

Cortland, OH, July 11, 2019– The rain held off and the sun came out for a great race during the Trumbull County Fair at Expo Speedway. Erick Rudolph, from Ransomville, NY, made his first start of the season with the BRP Modified Tour and ended his night in Victory Lane.

Twenty-one cars were set to compete for the $1,800 to win, twenty-five lap event at Expo Speedway. The last two BRP Modified Tour Points Champions started on the front row for the feature. Rex King Jr. and Erick Rudolph were side-by-side to start the green. It was a different start from the heat race where King Jr jumped out front, when the green flag dropped in the feature, Rudolph quickly jumped out front. With the top three running nose to tail, a hard-fought battle was going on for 8th place between Chris Haines, Garrett Krummert and Will Thomas III.

After five laps complete, Rudolph had opened up a half-straightaway lead over King Jr and by lap 8, the leaders were getting into lap traffic. The gap remained the same between first and second, and the top five would be Rudolph, King Jr., Rex King, Kevin Hoffman and Phil Vigneri III. On lap 10, it was a three-care battle for fourth between Hoffman, Vigneri and Kyle Fink. Vigneri would get the position on lap 14.

The green flag would remain out until lap 20 when a multi-car incident resulted in Max Smoker’s car rolling over. Thankfully, he was not injured. The incident also involved Fink, JR McGinley, Shawn Fleeger, Mark Frankhouser and Scott Kay. All cars would be able to continue racing except Smoker and Fink. Rudolph had lapped up to the 8th spot, which was held by Thomas who got the “lucky dog”.

The last five laps would stay under green. During that stretch Vigneri would come up to battle King for 3rd. Dave Murdick and Hoffman were side-by-side for 6th place. When the checkered flags flew on lap 25, Rudolph would pick up his first BRP Tour win of the season followed by King Jr., King, Vigneri and Thomas.



Saturday July 6, 2019

$2000 to win----35 Lap

Quick Results:

Winner: Rex King ,Jr.

2nd Place: Rex King ,Sr.

                                                                                                  3rd Place: Jeremiah Shingledecker 


                                                                 Hartford, OH, July 6, 2019 

       Rain was threatening all evening, but it held off for a great race honoring the late, great Lou Blaney. It was the largest car count of the season for the BRP Modified Tour as 34 cars were in attendance to vie for the win in the prestigious Lou Blaney Memorial at Sharon Speedway.
Coming into the night, point’s leader Rex King Jr held a 25-point lead over his father, Rex King. After the top 12 redraw, Rick Regalski and King Jr would start on the front row. King Jr would jump out to the lead on the start, but the caution flag would quickly come out when several cars wrecked in turned four, including Tyler Willard, Lonny Riggs and Ralph McBride. Willard’s night would end on the restart when his car stopped in turn one. Garrett Krummert would also head to the pits, but would return. A third caution flew on lap 3 when the 29 of Krummert came to a stop. The top 5 would be King Jr, King, Sr.,Rick Regalski, Brian Swartzlander and Dave Murdick.
A stretch of green flag racing would allow the field to really start battling. Swartzlander would advance to the third spot, Jeremiah Shingledecker, who started 11th, would move up to the 7th position. By lap 10, the leaders were getting into lapped traffic. Maneuvering around lap cars worked to King, Sr.’s advantage as he was able to erase some of the five-car lead his son, King Jr, had gained earlier.
Any lead that King Jr had was eliminated when the car of Chad Brachmann, making the trip from New York, stopped in turn one on lap 12. The top five was now King Jr, King Sr., Swartzlander, Regalski and Murdick. On the restart, it was a great battle for second as the 83 of Swartzlander worked to the inside of King Sr., with Regalski and Murdick also joining the battle.
By lap 20, there would be a four-car battle for 6th between Brad Rapp, Rick Regalski, Jim Rasey and Shingledecker. The leaders caught lap traffic again by lap 23. The battle for second heated up on lap 26 as Swartzlander got up on the back of King Sr. Caution number five came out when Kyle Fink slowed in turn four. The tops five at this time were King Jr, King Sr., Swartzlander, Murdick and Will Thomas.
After the restart, King Jr would pull out to a multi-car lead as King Sr., and Swartzlander continued to battle for second. Shingledecker was the car on the move. He jumped to the top of the track and was picking off positions, moving to fourth by lap 30. On lap 33, cars were four-wide at the line for second and continuing to battle going into turns one and two. The caution would end that battle as Swartzlander, who was battling with Shingledecker and King for second, spun in turn two.
It was a two-lap shoot-out when the green flew again, and the race would end with Rex King Jr. picking up his second Lou Blaney Memorial win. Rex King Sr. would finish second, Jeremiah Shingledecker third, followed by Will Thomas and Brad Rapp.
The next race for the BRP Modified Tour will be Thursday, July 11th at Expo Speedway (Trumbull County Fairgrounds).
Unofficial Results
Heat 1 results: 1.65 Rex King Jr 2. 37MD Jeremiah Shingledecker 3. 29 Garrett Krummert 4. 66F Kyle Fink 5. 11R Brad Rapp 6. 96B Bob Warren 7. 25B Steve Barr 8. 83T Tom Glenn 9. 03 Mark Frankhouser
Heat 2 results: 1. 28H Jimmy Holden 2. 35H Chris Haines 3. 18 Colton Walters 4. 00 Kevin Hoffman 5. 29* Steve Slater 6. C3 Chas Wolbert 7. 11B Don Blaney 8.15B Dillon Barr 9. 55 Scott Kay
Heat 3 results: 1. 65 Rex King 2. 61 Dave Murdick 3. 9 Will Thomas III 4. 45 Steve Feder 5. R13 Ralph McBride 6. 66M JR McGinley 7. 93x Max Smoker 8. 74 Rocky Kugel
Heat 4 results: 1. 83 Swartzlander 2.32 Jim Rasey 3. 13 Rick Regalski 4. 777 Tyler Willard 5. 3 Chad Brachmann 6. 7M Skip Moore 7. 58 Lonny Riggs 8. 25 Chris Rudolph
B-Main results: 1. 58 Lonny Riggs 2. 17M Skip Moore 3. C3 Chas Wolbert 4. 96B Bob Warren 5. 66M JR MGinley 6. 25 Chris Rudolph 7. 93X Max Smoker 8. 15B Dillon Barr 9. 74 Rocky Kugel 10. 25B Steve Barr 11. 03 Mark Frankhouser 12. 11B Don Blaney 13. 55 Scott Kay 14. 83T Tom Glenn (DNS)
Unofficial Feature Results: 1. Rex King Jr 2. Rex King 3. Jeremiah Shingledecker 4. Will Thomas III 5. Brad Rapp 6. Dave Murdick 7. Jim Rasey 8. Colton Walters 9. Rick Regalski 10. Chas Wolbert 11. Brian Swartzlander 12. Kevin Hoffman 13. Jimmy Holden 14. Chris Haines 15. Steve Slater 16. Bob Warren 17. JR McGinley 18. Steve Barr 19. Kyle Fink 20. Skip Moore 21. Ralph McBride 22. Chad Brachmann 23. Garrett Krummert 24. Tyler Willard 25. Lonny Riggs

The BRP Modified Tour would like to welcome Colonial Metal Products and Colonial Slitting Industries on board as our newest sponsors of the Tour.

The BRP Modified Tour  
2019 Schedule

                                        *Schedule is tentative and subject to change 
Saturday March 30, 2019.. ..………. Michaels Mercer Raceway ,  Mercer, PA  -RAIN
    April 13, 2019                                               "Chiller Thriller"

Saturday April 20, 2019....................Tyler County Speedway, Middlebourne, WV- RAIN

Friday May 3, 2019  .........................Thunder Mountain Speedway, Brookville/Knox Dale, PA- RAIN

Saturday, June 22, 2019 .......………Stateline Speedway, Busti, NY

Friday, June 28, 2019 ..……………. Thunder Mountain Speedway, Brookville/Knox Dale, PA

Saturday, June 29, 2019 ................. Tyler County Speedway, Middlebourne, WV (Make up race)

Saturday, July 6, 2019 ……………...Sharon Speedway, The Lou Blaney Memorial , Hartford, OH

Thursday, July 11, 2019 .................. Expo Speedway at the Trumbull County Fair, Cortland, OH

Saturday, July 20, 2019 ..………….. Michaels Mercer Raceway , Mercer, PA - RAIN

Friday, July 26, 2019 ....................... Lernerville Speedway, Sarver, PA

Saturday, July 27, 2019..................... Michaels Mercer Raceway , Mercer, PA ( Make up race)

Friday, August 30, 2019 .................. Thunder Mountain Speedway, Brookville/Knox Dale, PA

Saturday, Sept 14, 2019 ..…………..Ransomville Speedway, Ransomville ,NY


The next BRP Modified Tour Race will be Friday Aug 30, 2019 at Thunder Mountain Speedway near Brookville,PA.


The next meeting of the BRP Modified Tour is Aug 21, 2019, at Eat and Park in Grove City ,Pa. (6:30 pm)

Everyone is welcome to attend the open session of our meetings.


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News and Notes: (Shingledecker, King Jr and Murdick Quotes)

Who We Are

The BRP Modified Tour Inc. racing series  is a  non-profit organization established to give Big Block Modifieds a chance to compete for a higher purse structure and for a seasonal point fund for the scheduled events. Started in 1998 by Tim Engles, Lon and Pam Baker and Randy Myers ,The Modified Tour has had great success at bringing regional cars together at various speedways in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West  Virginia and Canada.                                                   We are proud to be partnered with our   Series Sponsors:                                      Bicknell Racing Products 
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    Points after Michaels Mercer Raceway                            July 27, 2019
1.      Rex King Jr.                        389
2.      Rex King Sr                         360
3.      Dave Murdick                      327 
4.      Rick Regalski                      308

5.      Jim Rasey                           299  

6.       Kyle Fink                            287

7.      Garrett Krummert                284

8.      Jeremiah Shingledecker     279  

9.      Kevin Hoffman                    267

10.     Brad Rapp                         253

For a complete list of the points, please

visit our "POINTS" page . 

           RACING NOTES:

The BRP Modified Tour is proud to announce that the winner of The Gladiator MMXIX for Big Block Modifieds that will be held at Genesee Speedway on June 13, 2019 will get a guaranteed starting position for the BRP Modified Tour race at Ransomville Speedway on September 14, 2019. The Genesee race on Thursday 06/13/2019 is not a scheduled BRP Modified Tour race.  NOTE: Because of a rainout on June 13, this event has been rescheduled for July 25, 2019.