Past Champions: 1998 Brian Swartzlander... 1999 Brian Swartzlander... 2000 Rodney Beltz/Jeff Hoffman... 2001 Dave Murdick... 2002 Ron Smoker... 2003 Ron Smoker... 2004 Ron Smoker... 2005 Rex King... 2006 Rex King, Sr. ... 2007 Russell King... 2008 Brian Swartzlander... 2009 Rex King, Sr. ... 2010 Rex King, Sr. ... 2011 Rex King, Sr. ... 2012 Brian Weaver... 2013 Chad Brachmann... 2014 Rex King, Jr. ... 2015 Rex King, Sr. ... and our 2016 Champion Erick Rudolph

 Newest revisions of the rules, as of 02/15/2017 have been posted on our rules page.


Just Announced!!!!   Tyler County Speedway will be running a Modified Tour event on Saturday, April 15, 2017 with a raindate of Saturday, April 22, 2017 paying $3,000 to win!

To All Modified drivers competing with the Modified Tour Series:

        The 2017 racing season is fast approaching and we as the board of the Modified Tour Series, have been faced with many changing issues, as to the way we have conducted our scheduling of races for the upcoming season.  In the past, we have protected the local tracks that ran the big block cars at their track as a weekly series,  by not scheduling events against them on their regular night of racing and worked with them in avoiding such conflicts.  

      As 2017 fast approaches, we have been notified by some of our local tracks that they will  not be supporting the Modified Tour Series in the upcoming season, and have no plans to do so.  In order to continue our existence we must conduct business a little different than usual.  We have passed on offers from other places to compete at their facilities because of conflicts with our local tracks, but will now try to reconnect with some of those opportunities.  

         Shows are what gets and keeps our sponsors, our fans and our financial stability.  2017 will be a real challenge for the Modified Tour Series, mostly due to the fact that we were notified at such a late date that the local tracks will no longer support us and we lost important time in scheduling.  Unfortunately. there may be some scheduling issues and conflicts, that may arise this year, and if so we will try to do as much damage control as possible.

      In 2017, the Perfect Attendance money will go from $200 per person to $500 person and the provisional starting position will be given to those that have perfect attendance during the season only.  The position will then be chosen from the point standings at that event.

         After nearly 20 years of supporting the Modified drivers and owners, and over two hundred thousand dollars in point fund money paid out over the years, not counting the added purse monies, the Modified Tour board needs your support now more than ever.

         The current schedule is as follows, however; we are in negotiations with several other tracks so please keep checking our website for further dates.

2017  Modified Tour Schedule

    Saturday, March 25, 2017 --------Mercer Raceway Park- Mercer, PA  (Chiller Thriller) 
   Saturday, April 15, 2007-----------Tyler County Speedway-Middlebourne, WV (see below)
*Saturday April 22, 2017------------Raindate for Tyler County Speedway
     Friday June 23, 2017---------------- Raceway 7- Conneaut, OH     
    Saturday, June 24, 2017-----------The New Stateline Speedway- Busti, NY                                               Monday, July 3, 2017---------------Little Valley Speedway-Little Valley, NY       
   Thursday, July 13, 2017------------Expo Speedway, Trumball County Fairgrounds, Cortland, OH  
   Saturday, August  12, 2017-------Mercer Raceway Park- Mercer, PA      
   Wednesday, August 16, 2017----McKean County Raceway -Smethport, PA
   Friday, September 8, 2017--------The New Stateline Speedway- Busti, NY         
  Schedule is tentative and subject to change!                       

Who We Are

The Modified Tour Inc. racing series is a non-profit organization established to give the V-8 Modifieds in the Western Pennsylvania/ Eastern Ohio area a chance to compete with one another for a higher purse structure and for a point fund for the scheduled events. Started in 1998 by Tim Engles, Lon and Pam Baker and Randy Myers the Modified Tour has had great success at bringing the local cars together at various speedways in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West Virginia and Canada.
ATTENTION: 2017 Rules with changes are posted on rules page!.


The Next Meeting of the Modified Tour will be on Tuesday,  March 21, 2017 at Eat And Park in Grove City, PA.   Dinner will be at 6:30 pm with the meeting immediately following. 

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, Mar 21 at 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Saturday, Mar 25 All Day
Saturday, Apr 15 All Day
Saturday, Apr 22 All Day
Top 10 Points 2016 Season 
Final Results
1. #25R: Eric Rudolph .....   488
2. #165: Rex King, Jr. ......  448 3. #65:   Rex King, Sr.......  422 
4. #11R:  Brad Rapp ......... 416
5. #777: Kevin Bolland ......400
6. #7Z/96: Mark Flick ...... 389
 #   61:   Dave Murdick.......389
8. # 3E  :  Eric Gabany........385
9. #66M:  J.R. McGinley......383
10 #13:  Rick Regalski.......324

For complete standings click here.