Posted by Pam Baker on September 10, 2017 at 1:35 PM
Busti, NY September 9, 2017. The BRP Modified Tour (Modified Tour Inc.) wrapped up its season on a cool Saturday night at the New Stateline Speedway. Ransomville, NY native, Erick Rudolph, continued his winning ways, with victory number eight en route to his second Point Championship. It was a straight up start for the 25-car field at the New Stateline Speedway. Heat winners Erick Rudolph and Kyle Fink would bring the field down to the green. Rudolph would jump out to the lead on lap one, as Tyler Willard battled with Rex King Jr. for second. Willard, who finished third at this year???s first visit to the New Stateline Speedway, closed on the back of Rudolph and would pressure the leader many laps. Rick Regalski worked his way up to fifth, but had challenges from Chris Haines and Kevin Hoffman. By lap 8, the leaders were working into heavy lap traffic, allowing Willard to use the lap cars to his advantage and take the lead from Rudolph. Phil Vigneri III, who started eighth, was working his way through the field, and by lap 12 was on the bumper of third place Randy Chrysler. The leaders would move deeper in the field and put on a great show for the fans, with side-by-side racing. The first caution would fly on lap 14 for Fink stopped near the pit entrance, Rodney Beltz also having mechanical issues would have to retire to the pits. It took several restarts to get the field back rolling, as Dillon Barr would end up against the front stretch wall on the initial restart. The next restart would see the leaders tangling a bit and cars stacking up behind them. Mark Frankhouser, Tom Mattocks and Rex King Sr. would end up stopped in turn two. On the restart, Willard would get the jump, but he was battling a left front flat and would give the lead back over to Rudolph. Vigneri III continued to move up through the pack and worked hard on Chrylser, making the pass to move into second on lap 18. The caution would fly once again as Steve Barr stopped in turn four. The top five would include Rudolph, Vigneri III, Chrysler, Willard and Rex King Jr. Regalski would get around King Jr. the fifth spot, who was now getting pressure from John Mollick. Rudolph remain out front and would once again get into lapped traffic. The race would stay under green through lap 31 for Regalski spinning in four. Regalski, King Jr. and Mollick had a great battle going on. With two laps remaining, the caution would fly for debris in turn two. Willard, who had been running in the top five all race, dropped a spring and would be sent to the pits. Rudolph would stay out front for the final two laps and would take home victory number eight. Vigneri III would come home second, followed by Chrysler, King Jr. and Haines. The Modified Tour Inc will be hosting an Indoor/Outdoor Flea Market on October 21, at the Rocky Grove Fire Hall in Rocky Grove, PA. Please check our website for more information. Unofficial Results Heat 1 results: 1. 25R Erick Rudolph 2. 27Z Ray Bliss 3. 13 Rick Regalski 4. 4J John Mollick 5. 28H Jimmy Holden 6. 65 Rex King Sr. 7. 26 Rick Richner 8. 03 Mark Frankhouser 9. 35R Rod Laskey Heat 2 results: 1. 66F Kyle Fink 2. 777 Tyler Willard 3. 47V Phil Vigneri III 4. 00H Kevin Hoffman 5. 29 Garrett Krummert 6. 64 Rodney Beltz 7. 25B Steve Barr 8. 3K Shawn Kozar Heat 3 results: 1. 165 Rex King Jr 2. 21K Randy Chrysler 3. 35H Chris Haines 4. 66 JR McGinley 5. 69 Tom Mattocks 6. 25 Dillon Barr 7. 71 Randy Chronister 8. 21III Randy Chrysler Jr. Feature results: 1. 25R Erick Rudolph 2. 47V Phil Vigneri III 3. 21K Randy Chrysler 4. 165 Rex King Jr. 5. 35H Chris Haines 6. 00H Kevin Hoffman 7. 26 Rick Richner 8. 29 Garrett Krummert 9. 28H Jimmy Holden 10. 66F Kyle Fink 11. 66 JR McGinley 12. 4J John Mollick 13. 35R Rod Laskey 14. 13 Rick Regalski 15. 03 Mark Frankhouser 16.69 Tom Mattocks 17. 25B Steve Barr 18. 3K Shawn Kozar 19. 71 Randy Chronister 20. 777 Tyler Willard 21. 27Z Ray Bliss 22. 65 Rex King Sr. 23. 25 Dillon Barr 24. 64 Rodney Beltz 25. 21III Randy Chrsyler Jr. The Modified Tour, Inc is a nonprofit organization, started in 1998. We are proud to be partnered with Bicknell Racing Products, Hoosier Race Tires, Sunoco Race Fuels, Big Daddys Speed Center, Inc., Engles Trucking, Halls Safety Equipment, King Brothers Feed & Supply, McCools Signs and Graphics, RaceQuip, Slippery Rock Sportswear, Wrisco Industries, Inc., 5M Farms, Fox Shocks and Engles Leasing. The schedule, rules, and all Tour information can be found on our website We can also be found on Facebook (The Modified Tour Inc.) and on Twitter (@ModifiedTourInc).

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