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Erick Rudolph Makes It Four for Four at Thunder Mountain Speedway

Posted by Pam Baker on September 2, 2020 at 1:55 AM



By: Pam Baker



July 24, 2020…..Marble, PA…. On a beautiful night at Thunder Mountain Speedway, Erick Rudolph made it four for four by winning the BRP Modified Tour 35-lap feature event.


There were 27 cars filling the pit area at Thunder Mountain Speedway in Brookville, PA on Friday night for the fifth race in the BRP Modified Tour series. Bedford Speedway winner, Garrett Krummert and Rick Regalski brought the 26 car field to the drop of the green flag.


Rick Regalski led the first lap, but Garrett Krummert took that position away on lap two. Before the third lap could be completed, a pile-up in turn four that found Mark Frankhouser, Chris Rudolph, Steve Feder, Steve Slater and Ralph McBride all collected at the bottom of the speedway.


On the restart, Krummert jumped out once again into the lead with Regalski and Erick Rudolph fighting for the second position. Lap ten would find Rudolph finally making his way past Regalski for second. The caution flag flew once again for Ralph McBride which would end his night.


Krummert led once again until misfortune on lap twenty entered the picture and ended his night after breaking a shock and bird cage. Rudolph who was sitting in second, inherited the lead, but Rex King, Jr. had made his way into third and challenged Rudolph on the restart.


Rudolph and King, Jr. battled back and forth for a couple laps before Rudolph pulled out to a couple car lengths ahead of King, Jr. and the duo entered heavy lapped traffic by lap thirty. Rudolph held on to pick up his fourth win in four races with the BRP Modified Tour.


Following Rudolph across the line was King, Jr. Finishing third was Brian Swartzlander followed by Jim Rasey and Chad Brachmann. Rounding out the top ten were Rick Regalski, Rex King, Sr., JR McGinley, Colton Walters and Paul Kot. Heats were won by Rex King, Sr., Brian Swartzlander and Rex King, Jr.


The BRP Modified Tour will head to Michaels Mercer Raceway on August 8th for the running of the Michaels Family Memorial Race. The raindate for this race will be August 15th.



Feature Finish: Erick Rudolph, Rex King, Jr., Brian Swartzlander, Jim Rasey, Chad Brachmann, Rick Regalski, Rex King, Sr., JR McGinley, Colton Walter, Paul Kot, Ricky Richner, Eric Gabany, Mark Frankhouser, Shawn Kozar, Brad Rapp, Steve Slater, Chris Rudolph, Garrett Krummert, Greg Martin, Steve Barr, Phil Vigneri, III, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Dave Murdick, Rodney Beltz, Ralph McBride, Steve Feder




Posted by Pam Baker on August 10, 2020 at 6:05 PM

BRP Modified Tour Welcomes Competition Carburetion as New Sponsor


By: Pam Baker


Marble, PA….. July 20, 2020…..The BRP Modified Tour racing series would like to welcome Competition Carburetion of Sun Valley, Nevada on board as a new 2020 sponsor. Owner, Bob Oliver, will be presenting the BRP Modified Tour with sponsorship as part of his “2020 Send It” program.

Competition Carburetion will sponsor the Fast Lap Cash award of $50 at Thunder Mountain Raceway on Friday, July 24th and also at Michaels Mercer Raceway on Saturday, August 8th. The award will go to the driver that turns the fastest lap during the feature event for the evening at these two race tracks.

All winners of the Competition Carburetion Fast Lap Award at various tracks and series will be entered into a random drawing at the end of the season. The Grand Prize winner will receive a check for $500.

In addition to the Fast Lap Cash Award, two different drivers, one at each track, will be chosen and awarded $250 that makes the longest tow to get to these speedways.

The founder of Competition Carburetion, Bob Oliver, is a former racer who understands the importance of drive ability on the racetrack. Bob has been building carburetors and distributors for over 30 years. Competition Carburetion sells new carburetors and reworks customers’ cores. Competition Carburetion can build your big block, small block, or 602 crate carburetor and distributor to maximize performance. All carburetors are engine checked before shipping.

The BRP Modified Tour is excited to be a part of this program and hopes to continue to be a part of Bob Oliver’s company for years to come.

Erick Rudolph Makes an Unexpected Trip to Sharon Speedway and Collects the Win

Posted by Pam Baker on July 25, 2020 at 9:00 PM

Erick Rudolph Makes an Unexpected Trip to Sharon Speedway and Collects the Win in the Lou Blaney Memorial!


By: Pam Baker



Marble, PA …. July 11, 2020…. Erick Rudolph had plans on attending Land of Legends Speedway on Saturday night, but Mother Nature changed his mind. With the Canandaigua, NY track cancelling early, this left several race teams with the opportunity to join the BRP Modified Tour at Sharon Speedway for the running of the 12th Annual Lou Blaney Memorial Race, including Rudolph. Thirty-nine cars were on hand for the event with nine cars making the haul from the state of New York.


By luck of the draw the front row for the start of the 35-lap feature found Eric Gabany and Brian Swartzlander leading the pack of 26 cars to the drop of the green flag. Before a lap could be completed the yellow flew when Kevin Hoffman, Dave Reges, Chris Rudolph and Phil Vigneri, III all came together in the second turn. No one was injured and everyone was able to restart.


Once the green flew again, Brian Swartzlander took command of the race with Gabany, Garrett Krummert and Michael Maresca in tow. The race went green to lap 12 when the caution flew for Colton Walters and Maresca. On the restart, Krummert who had worked his way into second was able to take the lead away from Swartzlander and by this time, eleventh place starter, Erick Rudolph was in third. Another caution on lap sixteen for Dave Murdick grouped the field together once again with Krummert in the lead and Rudolph in second.


The caution flew again on lap seventeen for Steve Slater and on lap nineteen Rudolph used the high side of the track to make the pass on Krummert and never looked back to pick up his third BRP Modified Tour race in four events and his first $2,000 Lou Blaney Memorial race.


Finishing behind Rudolph was Krummert, Swartzlander and Rex King, Jr. who started in the fourteenth position. Brad Rapp had a great run coming from the twelfth starting position to finish fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Jim Rasey, Ryan Susice, Greg Martin who had to run the B-Main to qualify for the feature and started twenty-first, Rex King, Sr. and Phil Vigneri, III who started twenty-third in the field.


Heat races were won by Rex King, Sr., Erick Rudolph, Chad Brachmann and Garrett Krummert. The B-Main was won by Greg Martin.


The BRP Modified Tour will be heading to Thunder Mountain Speedway for their next event on Friday, July 24th. Thunder Mountain Speedway is located just off of the Brookville, PA exit off I-80.



BRP Big-Block Modified Tour: Erick Rudolph, Garrett Krummert, Brian Swartzlander, Rex King, Jr., Brad Rapp, Jim Rasey, Ryan Susice, Greg Martin, Rex King, Sr., Phil Vigneri III, Dave Murdick, Chad Brachmann, Rick Regalski, Jr., Steve Feder, Rick Richner, Steve Slater, Steve Barr, Mark Frankhouser, Dave Reges, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Kevin Hoffman, Rodney Beltz, Eric Gabany, Michael Maresca, Colton Walters, Chris Rudolph (32).


DNQ: D.J. Schrader, Max Smoker, Tony Pangrazio, Brandon Michaud, J.R. McGinley, Shawn Kozar, Don Blaney, Randy Chronister, Dillon Barr, John Venuto, Ryan Riffe, Paul Kot, and Russell Morseman III.

Eric Rudolph Captures Second Win of the Weekend in BRP Modified Tour Action at Tyler County

Posted by Pam Baker on July 15, 2020 at 5:15 AM

By: Pam Baker



Marble, PA…July 5, 2020…..Racing action with the BRP Modified Tour was hot for the 4th of July weekend and the BRP Modified Tour ventured to The Bullring of Tyler County Speedway in Middlebourne, WV on July 4th.


Twenty-six cars made the journey to the speedway, but the action was delayed a couple of times, one for a medical emergency in the grandstand area and second as the lights on the backstretch when out when squirrels chewed the wires off in the transformer.


Once the action started the starting lineup for the feature was the same as Friday night as Garrett Krummert drew the pole position with Rex King, Sr. outside the front row. Several caution periods created a problem trying to get the first lap in the record books, but once it did Garrett Krummert came out ahead of King, Sr. Krummert paced the field until fifth place starter, Eric Rudolph took the lead away on a restart and survived several more cautions. At the end of the 35-lap feature Rudolph was in the lead and captured the $3,000 prize money and his second win in two-days.


Rex King, Jr. was able to pass his father, Rex King, Sr. for second. King, Sr. finished a solid third with Jim Rasey fourth and Brad Rapp having a good showing coming from the seventeenth starting position to finish fifth.


The point standings are very close with Rex King, Sr. leading by one point over Garrett Krummert. Rex King, Jr. is sitting in third with Jim Rasey fourth and Dave Murdick fifth.


The next race on the BRP Modified Tour schedule will be held on Saturday, July 11th at Sharon Speedway for the running of the Lou Blaney Memorial race.


Feature Finish: Eric Rudolph, Rex King, Jr., Rex King, Sr., Jim Rasey, Brad Rapp, Chad Brachmann, Garrett Krummert, Dave Murdick, Phil Vigneri, III, Rick Regalski, Ricky Richner, Chris Rudolph, Paul Kot, Ralph McBride, Mark Frankhouser, Rodney Beltz, Randy Chronister, Steve Slater, Cory Riffe, Kevin Hoffman, Steve Barr, Tom Glenn, Eric Gabany, Shawn Kozar, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Dillon Barr – DNS.



Erick Rudolph Comes From 26th to Win at Lernerville Speedway

Posted by Pam Baker on July 15, 2020 at 5:05 AM


By: Pam Baker



Marble, PA……07/03/2020…….It was hotter than a firecracker on Friday night at Lernerville Speedway on the 4th of July weekend for the second race on the BRP Modified Tour schedule. There were 32 cars in the pit area for the event with three drivers, Phil Vigneri, III, Chad Brachmann and Eric Rudolph making the journey south from New York to run with the BRP Modified Tour.


Garrett Krummert and Rex King, Sr. led the 26 car field to the drop of the green flag with Krummert jumping out into the lead on the first lap ahead of King, Sr., Steve Feder and Brian Swartzlander. Lap two found the yellow fly for Ryan Riffe whose car slid off the third turn banking. The restart found Krummert once again in command of the lead but two laps later the yellow flew once again as a pile of cars in turn one slowed the action. Ricky Richner was sidelined after this accident, but everyone else was able to continue. On lap six, with King, Sr., having taken the lead away from Krummert, and tenth place starter Eric Rudolph in third the caution flew as Brian Swartzlander connected with Rudolph and spun Rudolph around in a circle bringing out the yellow flag.


Rudolph was able to get restarted and rejoined the field in the 25th position which was the last caution period of the race. King, Sr., and Krummert battled for the lead with King, Sr. gaining a couple car lengths on Krummert and by lap eleven started lapping cars. Meanwhile, working traffic methodically from the back of the pack Rudolph had made his way up to seventh by lap eighteen and by lap twenty-two was in fourth position. King, Sr. once again got into lapped traffic on lap twenty-eight and that is what played a part in the outcome of the race.


Lap thirty-two found heavy lapped traffic in front of King, Sr. which caught King, Sr. on the bottom of the track. Krummert and Rudolph entered turn four on the high side and Rudolph used that to his advantage to pass Krummert and King, Sr. who was tied up in traffic to take the lead away and went on to pick up the $2,000 win.


King, Sr. was able to hang on for second with Krummert riding home third. Fourth went to Rex King, Jr. who started 12th in the field. Fifth was captured by Brian Swartzlander.


Heats were won by Rex King, Sr., Garrett Krummert, Jeremiah Shingledecker and John Mollick. The B-Main was won by Tom Glenn.



Feature: Erick Rudolph, Rex King, Sr., Garrett Krummert, Rex King, Jr., Brian Swartzlander, Eric Gabany, Dave Murdick, Chad Brachmann, John Mollick, Phil Vigneri, III, Steve Feder, Rick Regalski, Paul Kot, Brad Rapp, Jim Rasey, Chris Rudolph, Mike Turner, Tom Glenn, Kevin Long, Steve Slater, Steve Barr, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Ryan Riffe, Rodney Beltz, Colton Walters, Ricky Richner.

Krummert captures 2nd BRP Modified Tour win at inaugural Bedford Speedway event

Posted by Pam Baker on June 28, 2020 at 4:10 AM


By: Pam Baker


Marble, PA….(June 15, 2020)…..The BRP Modified Tour made their first ever visit in the 24 years that they have been organized to the Bedford Speedway in Bedford, PA on Sunday, June 14, 2020. This was the first event the BRP Modified Tour has been able to complete with the COVID 19 virus cancelling many of the other events.

There were 22 cars in the pit area for the event and before the evening really got started, Jeremiah Shingledecker hit the fourth turn wall and destroyed his car after something on the car broke. Fortunately for Jeremiah, he brought a second car and was able to run the heat race and feature event. Shingledecker was uninjured during the incident.

The two #32 cars of Chris Rudolph and Jim Rasey led the 20 car field to the drop of the green flag with Rasey jumping into the lead, but a spin by Brad Rapp in turn one brought the field together for a complete restart. Once the race went green, Rasey led the pack around the smooth racing surface before the caution flew once again as Phil Vigneri, III hit the wall in the same spot that Shingledecker did during hot laps. His car had severe front end damage and Vigneri was done for the night.

Rasey led the group around for the second restart and paced the field ahead of Chris Rudolph, Garrett Krummert and Rick Regalski for the first seventeen laps, when lapped traffic started to play a part in the race. On lap 18 Krummert was able to make his way around Rasey before the caution flag waved for Rex King, Jr. who ended up against the wall in the same place that Shingledecker and Vigneri had encountered.

King, Jr. was pushed off the wal, restarted and pitted with a flat tire. The crew was able to get him back out before the green flew and he started at the rear of the field. On the restart, Jeff Miller contacted the wall in the exact same place and was up on two wheels and then was struck by Shawn Kozar and Rodney Beltz. No one was injured however, Beltz and Miller suffered too much damage to continue.

The restart found Krummert getting a really good lead on the rest of the field and at the end of the 35-laps he was almost a half a track ahead of second place, Rasey. Krummert took home the $3,000 pay check and his first win of the 2020 season. Finishing second was Jim Rasey followed by Rex King, Sr., Chad Brachmann and Rick Regalski. Rounding out the top ten were Jeremiah Shingledecker, Rex King, Jr., Dave Murdick, Paul Kot and Chris Rudolph.

Heat races were won by Rex King, Jr. and Garrett Krummert. As far as we know now, our next race will be on July 4th at Tyler County Speedway in Middlebourne, WV.


Finish: Garrett Krummert, Jim Rasey, Rex King, Sr., Chad Brachmann, Rick Regalski, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Rex King, Jr., Dave Murdick, Paul Kot, Chris Rudolph, James Henry, Mark Frankhouser, Steve Slater, Brad Rapp, Shawn Kozar, Jeff Miller, Rodney Beltz, Steve Barr, Phil Vigneri, III, Dillon Barr, DNS: Randy Chronister, Erick Gabany

Ransomville, N.Y. BRP Debut Race

Posted by Pam Baker on October 2, 2019 at 8:00 PM
By Lou Long Ransomville, NY September 14, 2019):  The BRP Modified Tour made its first visit to Ransomville Speedway for a showdown between the best of the Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio Big Block Modifieds and the 358 Modified stars of the Niagara region. Mix in a few Central New York racers and it made for a very entertaining and competitive program. The event was a big success, and promoter Jenn Martin proudly announced a return engagement for the 2020 season.  There were no less than four leaders through the 35 lapper, with Modified Tour drivers having the upper hand early in the contest. But, in the end, drivers more familiar with the Big R dominated the action. Taking the win was Gary Lindberg, from Ridgeway, ONT. Rex King, Sr. and Rex King, Jr. were the highest finishing Modified Tour regulars, at seventh and eighth. The close finish between the father and son was enough to ensure that the point title would go home to Bristolville, OH with the younger generation.  King Sr. was paired up with another Ohio veteran, Jim Rasey, for the start of the feature event. Chad Brachman and Dave Murdick were in the second row, with Alan Johnson and King Jr. in the third. Lindberg and Jesse Cotriss were in row four. Kevin Hoffman, Justin Haers, Greg Martin, and Ryan Susice occupied rows five and six.  At the drop of the green, King Sr. led Rasey, Murdick, Brachmann and Johnson. While Rasey was chasing King Sr., Murdick was struggling to keep Brachmann at bay. There was some contact between them in the third turn, and Murdick slid out of the groove, losing several positions. A quick caution for Steve Barr's slowdown on the front stretch enabled Rasey to start beside King Sr. again. This time, Rasey assumed command, with King Jr. moving into third ahead of Johnson and Brachmann. The leaders caught the rear of the field with eleven laps in the books. Rasey picked through them with ease, as did King Sr. Soon thereafter, AJ Slideways moved into second as King Sr. got loose in turn two. Brachmann was on the move again, too, as he was hounding King Jr. for third. Brachmann got into King's rear quarter when Cooter checked up for a lapper. King Jr. went around and was called for the yellow. That set up a restart with fifteen complete. Rasey led Johnson to the stripe, but Johnson powered by in turns one and two. Lindberg moved into the top three , while Brachmann and Haers were putting on quite a show for the fourth spot. Johnson led the next ten laps, but Lindberg found extra speed around the high side of the track. He moved into second and was closing in on Johnson as the leaders began working through traffic again. Lindberg grabbed the lead with a powerful move off the second corner to lead lap 26. Brachmann and Haers were now running third and fourth, with James Sweeting into fifth. Rasey, Martin, and King were fighting for the sixth spot.  A major skirmish coming off turn four brought a halt to the excitement. Cotriss spun, causing cars to scatter. Most made it through without contact, but Murdick got over the lip of the speedway and made heavy impact with the front stretch wall. His car was severely damaged, but Murdick was able to walk away from the accident scene. Lindberg scooted away from the field on the restart and led the final eight laps without incident. Haers moved into second when the green came on for the final time. Brachmann was the third racer to see the checkers. Johnson and Sweeting  topped Susice. King Sr. was seventh, with King Jr. coming up through the field to get eighth. Martin and Justin Wright took ninth and tenth.   The four heat winners were King Sr., Lindberg, Susice, and King Jr. Rick Regalski was the B Main victor. Max Smoker claimed the Modified Tour provisional.

Jim Rasey Collects Thunder Mountain BRP Modified Tour Event

Posted by Pam Baker on August 30, 2019 at 12:55 AM
On a beautiful, sunny day the BRP Modified Tour visited Thunder Mountain Speedway in Brookville, PA for the second time this season and bringing the victory was Jim Rasey of Southington, OH. There were 21 cars on hand for the event and Tom Glenn and Dave Murdick led the field to the drop of the green, but before all the cars could get through turn one, Skip Moore would get sideways in front of the field and collected six other car with him. Kyle Fink go the worst of it as he was towed to the pits and was unable to get back out for the feature. Once again, on a complete restart, Dave Murdick jumped into the lead at the drop of the green and set the pace for the race. Jim Rasey who started third was in second with Rex King, Sr. who started ninth came into third on lap two. On lap seven, Murdick started to lap the field and the next caution flew on lap eleven when Brad Rapp slowed in turn two and had to be towed off on the hook. The next green flag lap found Rasey taking the lead away from Murdick and extended that lead by several car lengths. JR McGinley would bring out the next caution on lap 25 when his car came to a stop just off the apron on the front stretch. Rasey kept his cool and maintained the lead on the restart with Murdick Rex King, Sr. and Rex King, Jr. close behind. The final caution would fly on lap 31 when Dave Murdick suffered a flat tire. He was able to change it and rejoined the cars at the tail of the field. The final four lap shoot out found Rasey in the lead, and he went on to pick up his first BRP Modified Tour win of the season. Finishing second was Rex King, Sr. over Rex King, Jr. Making his way from the seventeenth starting position, Rick Regalski finished fourth with Jeremiah Shingledecker fifth. Heats were won by Kevin Hoffman, Rex King, Jr., and Kyle Fink. The final race of the series will be held at Ransomville Speedway on Saturday, September 14, 2019. Currently Rex King, Jr. leads his father in the points battle by 30 points going into the final night. Feature Finish: Jim Rasey, Rex King, Sr., Rex King, Jr., Rick Regalski, Jeremiah Shingledecker, Paul Kot, Steve Barr, Skip Moore, Kevin Hoffman, Ralph McBride, Dave Murdick, Mark Frankhouser, Tom Glenn, Shawn Fleeger, Dillon Barr, Max Smoker, Scott Kay, Randy Chronister, JR McGinley, Brad Rapp, Kyle Fink.

Rudolph wins for Fifth year in a row at Expo Speedway

Posted by Pam Baker on July 27, 2019 at 1:45 AM
Cortland, OH, July 11, 2019 The rain held off and the sun came out for a great race during the Trumbull County Fair at Expo Speedway. Erick Rudolph, from Ransomville, NY, made his first start of the season with the BRP Modified Tour and ended his night in Victory Lane. Twenty-one cars were set to compete for the $1,800 to win, twenty-five lap event at Expo Speedway. The last two BRP Modified Tour Points Champions started on the front row for the feature. Rex King Jr. and Erick Rudolph were side-by-side to start the green. It was a different start from the heat race where King Jr jumped out front, when the green flag dropped in the feature, Rudolph quickly jumped out front. With the top three running nose to tail, a hard-fought battle was going on for 8th place between Chris Haines, Garrett Krummert and Will Thomas III. After five laps complete, Rudolph had opened up a half-straightaway lead over King Jr and by lap 8, the leaders were getting into lap traffic. The gap remained the same between first and second, and the top five would be Rudolph, King Jr., Rex King, Kevin Hoffman and Phil Vigneri III. On lap 10, it was a three-care battle for fourth between Hoffman, Vigneri and Kyle Fink. Vigneri would get the position on lap 14. The green flag would remain out until lap 20 when a multi-car incident resulted in Max Smoker car rolling over. Thankfully, he was not injured. The incident also involved Fink, JR McGinley, Shawn Fleeger, Mark Frankhouser and Scott Kay. All cars would be able to continue racing except Smoker and Fink. Rudolph had lapped up to the 8th spot, which was held by Thomas who got the lucky dog. The last five laps would stay under green. During that stretch Vigneri would come up to battle King for 3rd. Dave Murdick and Hoffman were side-by-side for 6th place. When the checkered flags flew on lap 25, Rudolph would pick up his first BRP Tour win of the season followed by King Jr., King, Vigneri and Thomas.

BRP Modified Invades Thunder Mountain Speedway, June 28, 2019

Posted by Pam Baker on July 7, 2019 at 9:50 PM
By: Pam Baker On a very hot and humid Friday evening the BRP Modified Tour visited Thunder Mountain Speedway with 26 cars in the pit area. The drivers were given the option of using the sail panels on their cars for this event and the field was about 50/50 with and without them. Rick Regalski and Chris Rudolph led the field to the initial green flag, but before a lap could be completed an accident on the front stretch involving Brad Rapp and Mark Frankhouser brought out the yellow flag and a complete restart. While Mark Frankhouser was getting assistance from the wrecker crew, Regalski pitted and was able to return to the tail of the field. The field was realigned and Chris Rudolph and Jeremiah Shingledecker leading the cars around to the green with Shingledecker jumping out into the lead on the first lap. By lap ten the leader, Shingledecker, was into lapped traffic and Rex King, Jr. had made his way into second with Rex King, Sr. in third. By lap 13 King, Sr. started to show signs of smoke coming out of his car and the field came together on lap 15 when the caution flag was displayed for Shawn Kozar. At this time, Shingledecker who had just been passed by King, Jr. pitted with a flat tire and was able to make it back out to return to the tail of the field. On the restart King, Jr. led Jim Rasey and Garrett Krummert to the green with King, Sr retiring to the pit area a couple laps later. King, Jr. kept control of the lead, and the final caution flag waved with two laps to go when JR McGinley spun in turn two. The two lap dash to the finish found King, Jr. holding onto the lead and picking up the $2,000 top prize money. Finishing second was Jim Rasey with Dave Murdick making his way into third after starting in the tenth position. Fourth place went to Chris Rudolph with Paul Kot, running his first ever Big Block Modified feature event in the Mike Stein owned machine finishing fifth. The heats were won by Rex King, Jr., Rex King, Sr. and Dave Murdick. Feature Finish: 1) Rex King, Jr. 2) Jim Rasey 3) Dave Murdick 4)Chris Rudolph 5) Paul Kot 6) Jeremiah Shindledecker 7) Skip Moore 8 ) Rick Regalski 9) Bob Warren 10) Garrett Krummert 11) Steve Barr 12) Shawn Fleeger 13) JR McGinlety 14) Kevin Hoffman 15) Erick Bowser 16) Rex King Sr 17)Dillon Barr 18) Kyle Fink 19) Max Smoker 20) Shawn Kozar 21) Jimmy Holden 22) Lonny Riggs 23) Brad Rapp 24) Mark Frankhouser 25) Randy Chrosnister. The BRP Modified Tour racing series is a non-profit organization established to give Big Block Modifieds in the Western Pennsylvania/ Eastern Ohio area a chance to compete with one another for a higher purse structure and for a point fund for the scheduled events. Started in 1998 by Tim Engles, Lon and Pam Baker and Randy Myers. The BRP Modified Tour has had great success at bringing regional cars together at various speedways in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, West Virginia and Canada. We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support of our organization. Bicknell Racing Products, Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Bazell Race Fuels/Sunoco, BCR Racing Supplies, Big Daddy's Speed Center, Colonial Metal Products/Colonial Slitting Industries, Eperthener's Auto Wrecking, Hall's Safety Equipment, K. Hoffman Door, King Bros., Lakeview Fertilizer, McCandless Ford, McCool's Signs and Graphics, Moore's Auto Body, Racequip Safety Equipment, Rockhouse Bar and Grill, Slippery Rock Sportswear, Wrisco Industries, and X Factor Race Bodies, Franklin, PA